How to make rating system with textbook

Hi, I try to make rating system in my app.
I got the star rating but I can not get text rating in review site.
Actually, even star rating seems not working in review site that keep showing only number. Not star.

could you help me?

Hi @jin120,

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You mean the title is empty? Did you add the input in your create action? Is it possible you to add some more information?

This video may help here too! : Star Rating components doesn't work with database - #8 by dilon_perera

Thank you

I try to add action in textbook but it doesn’t work.

You need to add the Create action on your button! And inside the action for the title text property add input 3 from Other components section with magic text.

Where can I find the other components?

You need to add the Create action. Can you show your Database and what you want to do?

Wait, I got It!!!
Thank you!!! OMG
Can you also help me to fix star rating review section?
![Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 10.39.25 AM|238x500](upload://ip



What is not working here?

I actually want to see direct star icon for star rating. Not number rate.

Ah so as the Rating component right?


You need a custom list for this! Remove this simple list and add a custom list and after adding connect it to that collection and then add the rating component inside the list and in the rating component select No can view option and point the number property where that rating value stored from magic text to the value section !

I have had the same problem in the past, there is 2 ways to resolve the problem:

  1. you place a Botton in the “home”(where ever you want) which have the action “create a rating” and a link to the “rating screen”. now, in the rating screen you will have the “correct rating” the you can update: the stars can be used selecting the value as “current rating > rating stars” (remember to ad “rating stars” in the collection as a number and not as a text); add also a text input for the text information that the users can write.
    the last step is to put a bottom for verify: this Botton must have an “update corrent rating” where you’ll have to put the text input in the text section and than a link to back.
    This is a good solution, but create a problem: if someone start to create the rating but accidentally exit the screen, the rating will be still there and could be showed as empty

  2. you place a botton in the “home” but only for like to the “rating section”: here, you will have 2 text input, one for the stars rating and one for the text, and the bottom that will have a “create rating” with all the text input in the right place and a link back to the home.

these are the solution that I found trying myself, I hope I’ve helped you!

You can also create a Number property in the Users collection and store the rating there and create the record using that property and clear that and no need to create the record in the beginning and will not create empty records!

Check here! : Star Rating.mp4 - Google Drive

Ahhhh It works!!
Thank you so so much!
I really appreciate your help!


Thank you for answering!

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Awesome! Good Luck!

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