Rating stars problem

I use the stars rating component, and when I rate one business it’s rates all the businesses …
does anyone have a solution?

Can you show me the settings of the Rating component?

I tried so much time and I follow a lots of posts at this forum
and now I deleted all and have to start from the beginning…
I don’t know what to do…

Hi @Orelmor,

Seems like you have connected a logged in user property to the star rating component! Then you will get the same rating for all businesses! For make this work you need another collection to hold the ratings for that businesses for that user!

This topic will help you! : Star rating component help

If you still can’t figure out let us know :+1:

Thank you

thank you

  1. Now give button to reach review screen with action → submitting by > logged in user + submitting for > current user + category > current category

what you mean with action?

Sorry for the quality

that not let my to set category and submitting for > current user

I guess the above topic doesn’t fit for you. Made a video that may help you! :

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thank you i’ll try it today

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its rate all list the same

now its work thank you so much

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i have one more question
how i can make that one user can rate only one time

Check this post by me! : Star Rating components doesn't work with database - #8 by dilon_perera

Made the app as clonable that used in the video! : Ratings

Now its perfect thank you so much

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