Test Users in my Production App

It’s amazing to see new records in my Users Collection. However, there must be a better way to at least ensure to only capture serious users of the app.

I know my app is not awesome but it’s not a garbage.

What would your suggestion be to do so?

Add a payment wall… Sadly stripe is not yet supported in the Philippines.

Wish there was some email/sms confirmation method…


yes there’s a feature request at least for email → Verify Account via SMS or EMAIL | Voters | Adalo

if you have any feature requests @alexid95, feel free to post it on https://ideas.adalo.com. :slight_smile:

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It really needs some email verification. As it is anyone can sign up with fake email addresses. One option, while it’s easy to manage, is to have a flag on the user table called “verified” that disables or removes functionality until you have checked it out. You could automate this with Zapier and airtable if it gets too much.

thanks @zensiblesolutions! I think I’ll manually do email verification for now. :slight_smile:


You could redesign your app and do the following.

  1. Set an active and inactive flag in the database.
  2. When someone signs up to your app, set the inactive field automatically.
  3. On one of your screens create your own menu or links using various components.
  4. Group those components.
  5. Set the sometimes visible attribute on that group.

Then you could manually verify the database, if the row is properly filled out you manually set the flag from Inactive to Active and bests of all there’s no need for Zapier or any 3rd party.

Let me also add this: you can create a filter too. If the condition isn’t met the component doesn’t show.

Hope that helps and happy Adaloing :smiley:

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That will work great. The only reason I suggested the Zap was to automate the process i.e send a verification email to the email address used, have them verify with a link and then use a Zap to set the flag to active.

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Thanks for the suggestions @bakerofideas! I have created a workflow that will allow me to manually verify the user. Having some personal touch is not a bad idea at all!

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Glad I could I help. Good luck with your apps.

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