How to manage create a object in database with all the collections of another table and then delete them


I am adding ingredients in an arraylist(getting a table where I upload ingredients with quantity) and then in the recipe table I want to add all the ingredients from that list, i am trying to add using a temp table because I need list the ingredients, but I cant introduce the several ingredients into the recipe list…

Hi @esuarez,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to perform a mass update actions in Adalo directly.
You can try to use Countown Timer or external integration like Integromat to make it work.

However, in your case I would imagine you might not need this. As I can imagine: you have “Recipes” table and “Ingredients” table. In the most simple case, one “Recipe” can have many “Ingredients” (one-to-many relation).
So the user flow might be:

  • create new Recipe
  • add ingredients one-by-one
  • finish creating.
    To look at the recipe & ingredients, you may create a Recipe list, and then inside you have another Ingredients list filtered by current Recipe.

Hope this helps.



I just saw this, I did that a week ago and I made it work,

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