How to Offer a Free Trial

Hi everyone,

I’m adding a 14 day free trial to one of my apps and wanted to share how to do that with you!

In this video, I’ll show you how to check if a user has paid, check how long they’ve been on the app, and if they haven’t paid + have been on the app over a period of time you can send them to a paywall.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thats really impressive!

Nice tutorial Erik!
I implemented this a couple of times, with a similar setting.
I only used one screen, with the actions that you have in two screens in just one. Simply, giving priority to the first screen actions, and then put the second screen one.
You can do this, because only the first link action is executed, if triggered.

Is there any reason not covered by my set-up why you used two screens for the loading phase?

You’re right, you should be able to do it on one screen.

Have the log in screen check if user is paid, take them to the home screen. Not paid goes to loading screen. Past 14 days go to payment screen.

I’ve noticed you get better performance using multiple screens (minus the lag between them), so I broke it out here.