Trial Period with Stripe subscription component

I configured a stripe subscription component with one product and 3 different prices. Each has a different trial period. I tried out the component live and in test mode. In live mode the trial period of 7 days that I configured in stripe was not applied. Instead the card was charged right away.

Can this be an issue with the Adalo component, does it not support trial periods?
Or is there something wrong on stripes end?

Thanks a lot for any help.

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Never tried Stripe’s trial period feature, but I think instead of doing that, you can allow users to try out your product for free, for 7 days.

You could add a date field (subscription expiry) to the Users collection. When a user signs up for the trial, set the expiry date to, say, “Start of today + 7 or 8 days”.

And maybe add another true/false field (“signed up trial?”) and set that to false by default, but when he/she signs up, set that to true.

So the “trial sign up” button or option is only visible if the user’s “signed up trial?” field is false.

You could have a read of this too for more ideas of how to implement this: Subscription Based Web App

It looks tricky, @adalo there must be a easier way, a better, more useful component.

Thanks for that suggestion Vance!
It is definitely a possible workaround. But for me the nice thing of the trial period via stripe is that the user has already given their credit card information, so they are much more likely to convert to paying customers after the trial period is over. Because it happens automatic.

With your version, the user would have to decide again to wanting to put in their credit card info, which is an additional barrier.

It would be nice to hear from one of the adalo Team, if the trial period is just not supported by the stripe subscription component right now, or if it is entirely on stripes end.

Yea, can wait for the Adalo’s support team to confirm. The Stripe component is still quite new so I think functionalities are limited

I may be in the same situation- I’m trying to create a “per-seat” subscription service with tiered pricing for businesses that purchase more seats. According to Stripe documentation, Stripe Checkout doesn’t support per seat pricing. I’m guessing, but not sure, if the Adalo Stripe component is the Stripe Checkout component, which means I may have to hack a workaround.

If so, I have some thoughts on a workaround and would love feedback from the Adalo community. I’m thinking about adding a Property to my User Collection for “number of seats purchased”. Let’s call it Number of Cars. This property will update upon a successful Stripe transaction which is itself based on the “1 seat/car” purchased.

Then, whenever my user (the car dealer) wants to add a new car to his/her inventory, the Create New Car action in Adalo will check the User Collection against the existing Number of Cars and the Number of Cars Purchased. If User -> Number of Cars -> Count is less than Users -> Number of Cars Purchased, then Create New Car.

Then my user can perform any action with the New Car, ie share to potential customers etc. Thoughts anyone?

Hi @tdhi
this seems only loosely the question related to the trial period.
I would suggest you open a new topic for your issue.
Hope you find an answer!

I will ask the dev team about this as I do not know the answer myself. I will reply as soon as I have more info about stripe’s trial period.

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