Free Trial Subscription Web App 2023

I’m looking to develop a web app (currently designing) where users will need to log in to access and utilize the application. Upon logging into the app, they will be granted a 3-day free trial period before a charge of $5 per week kicks in. I’d like to collect payment information upfront so that the subscription begins automatically once the trial concludes. I’ve utilized Stripe for processing payments and followed the guidance outlined in this video ( to set up Adalo for the free trial settings. The video provides instructions on configuring the user collection database.

I initially attempted to use Stripe to manage the free trial, but that approach didn’t seem to work. After some extensive research, I stumbled upon this video and various other resources in forums and other videos. Eventually, I pieced together a solution, but it still feels somewhat convoluted. It seems like I’m reinventing the wheel when I’m certain there must be a more straightforward method already available.

I’d greatly appreciate your insights on the following:

Is there a cloning kit or an updated step-by-step tutorial for implementing free trial subscriptions in 2023?

Is there an easier or more updated approach to set up free trial subscriptions with fewer steps and screens?

Thank you for your assistance! Love using Adalo!