Setting Up a Free Trial Stripe Subscription

I was adding a free trial to my web-app through the Stripe Subscription integration.

On the prices on Stripe dashboard, it has a place to set trial length, which is now a legacy feature, which I set to 7 days. I then tested it through the Adalo app, and it immediately charged the card, rather than waiting the 7 days.

It looks like now, we have to pass the trial period along with the payment with the request when posting to Stripe, which with the current integration in Adalo, it doesn’t appear we can do.

Has anybody made this work and can tell me what I might be doing wrong? I tried to reach out to Stripe, and they said a Specialist would reach out to me, but no one has yet.

If it needs to be a feature request on the Adalo side, I understand.

I think this would have to be a feature added by us to pass along that trial period length.

Colin, has any movement been made on this? I desperately need this function.