How to play a video (stored on G drive)

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Any advice how one can play a video on Adalo which is stored on Gdrive? Previous attempts via Dropbox were not successful. Also, I’d prefer not to publish the video on Youtube if possible.


Ok the best way to do this is without using services like google drive as they dont give you the original link but i need to know the purpose so i can help you out more

Hi there, Basically just want to upload a video to the app (any way but through YouTube) which serves as an infographic demo on the apps homepage which tells users about its functionality.former attempts using the player component and drop box didn’t work. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Ok i understand
i will make a video showing how to do it and will send it over

Publish it privately on youtube and then embed the video in your app?

he does not want to do that

the video

Thank you!!! I’ll try that out…

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You need to work with CORS Permissions (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).

Here is an old post with this topic:

Hope it helps!

your welcome

this is over complicated for a damn entrance tutorial this would be used for some video service like youtube style

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