How to promote on facebook?

How to promote on facebook?

Hi @a67694520,

This post by Jesse will help here! : How to promote your Adalo app? Facebook/Google/Tiktok? - #3 by jessehaywood

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Can’t install sdk?

Hey, unfortunately the Pixel SDK isnt readily available out of the box for conversion tracking or marketing in Adalo.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve (Integromat) has several API endpoints for conversion tracking etc through the Meta ecosystem with Adalo Custom Actions.


That doesn’t change the fact that you can’t directly promote app installs, gosh you should have made that clear at the beginning, so I feel like I wasted a lot of time

What are you wanting to promote? Adalo or the app that you’ve created? Have you got an ad budget?

Well you can still promote your app through Facebook/Instagram with paid app ad installs… though (true) in a more limited capacity in terms of tracking what’s working and what’s not, Pixel SDK obviously makes this a lot easier, though there’s tonnes of ways you can promote your App with Meta, ASO, Google App Ad Installs, Apple App Ad Installs etc. When you say “you” should have made this clear, please be aware we do not work for Adalo nor are we paid by Adalo, we just help from personal experience and understanding on the Adalo Forums.

It turned out to be so, I’m very sorry, I thought you were their staff, please forgive me!

Yes, I paid $300 to put it on the Google Play Store, bought an app built on that platform, and found it impossible to promote, and I’m pissed.

wow! why did you pay $300 to get it to Google Play store?

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