How to put in math function Rand(x,y)?

I’m looking over the Randomizer Clone and the creator used the math function Rand(x,y) which I get. What I don’t get is, when I try it myself, I don’t even have the option of entering math functions. Where does this come from, voodoo?

Randomizer Clone:


My own attempt:


How does one access this?

Hey there @DaBoo

You need to add a number parameter to your user collection. The first 2 screenshots show that there is a number parameter called “Current Random Number - List” for the users. You do not have that in your “my own attempt” screenshots.

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Okay @Flawless, I did. Not sure how that helps though.

The Randomizer Clone selects from a user-specific; user-input list of ‘Things’. What I’m trying to do is select at random from a dev-specified list that is not dynamic. So if there are 100 questions I should be able to use Rand(1,100) somehow. I’d prefer users don’t even have to login but that probably won’t work.

There is already a number parameter in the question collection. Can’t that be used for random selection? In either case, there is no ‘magic’ connection to the number parameter in the user or question databases for me to use.

Again, where does this come from?

Okay, I figured out where to add the Rand function. It isn’t working but I can probably figure it out just through comparative analysis. Still confused about relationships, I think…

Once you get the random number for the user, you then use that as a filter on your list of things where number is equal to logged in user > current randomizer number

Thanks, @Flawless but I should probably give up. In The Randomizer Clone he’s pulling in data that is in the user database and it works fine. Mine is a little different, it was probably a mistake to use The Randomizer Clone for comparison.

What I want to do is have a list of questions in it’s own database and, on the the click of a button, pull one question at random into a text component preferably without going through the user data at all:

Question1? >>>>>>> DisplayedQuestionx
Question2?__________ BUTTON TAP

Don’t know if that’s possible.

Here’s the setup I have on the button and it passes nothing that I can see to the text component [List]

Thanks for all your help, @Flawless. I was able to finally get it working by following the logic of a clone by @Yongki which he calls his Komun template which includes a random quote component. To be honest, I still don’t exactly get how things work but I’m hoping it will become obvious as I become more familiar with Adalo.

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