How to query a collection according to custom combinations of parameters

I am building a voting app, which collects several data points for each user (gender, education level, etc.)
My database has 3 collections: Users, Questions, Votes.
After user votes have been collected, I want to let users filter the voting result by any combination of parameters.
Question: Do you like pie?
The Votes collection holds all data points for each positive and each negative vote.
I want to make it so my users can see the Yes/No distribution of votes, cast by users, for whom both Female and PhD are true properties. I want to be able to show how many Female PhDs like pie as opposed to Female PhDs, who don’t like pie.
How do I make this work?

Thanks for any help!

Hi @Simba,

Sorry for my late reply in getting to this.

Have you managed to get this working yet or are you still experiencing problems in how to set this up?

Hi, Colin,
Still haven’t solved it. Would appreciate any help.

Can you give me any pointers at all?

Hi Simba, although I would love to give pointers on how exactly to do this I am unfortunately inundated with other support tasks and likely won’t get to this for some time.

My suggestion is to contact an Adalo Expert, who may be able to help you with this further. Alternatively, there may be someone in the community who will be able to give you further direction on this.

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