How to reset all screen data and the select dropdown

Hi Guys,

Here I want to reset the data of the screen to make all the values empty., but what’s happening when I’m trying to choose another drug the last data from the dropdown is still there.

The data on the Dosage, Dispense and Instructions come from the dropdown so if there’s a way to reset the dropdown value I will appreciate it.


Hi there,
The only way around I found till now (if anyone has a better answer please do help)
so I put an invisible input field that i use as the source filter for my liste (drugs info), you do this by adding the action (change input value of the invisible input field to whatever is your dropdown value )

and then every screen i clic on to see the new drug must have the action (change input value, input field = empty), it resets the invisible input field to empty ,

hope it’ll help you

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