Resetting the default dropdown selection

I am using a dropdown select to select which admin group to display.
The select currently makes visible a Group for Creating New Users or a Group for Creating New Roles. Each Group has a Cancel and Commit button. The cancel should clear the data fields (works) and hide the group. Except the only way to hide the group is to change the selection to Empty, except there does not seem to be a way to change the Input for a Select box (Dropdown).

My default select is “Empty” and I have tried a solution where you create a clear modal window and the cancel calls the clear modal window and the modal window just returns to the screen with the groups in question. However, this does not seem to refresh the dropdown back to Empty, it just leaves it on the last selection.

I have also tried adding a field to the table with the list that is in the dropdown. The values in the list are Create New User, and Create New Role, so I added Select Admin Function, and then tried to have the list sort Alphabetically Z-A. That did not work

It would be nice if you could hard code the default dropdown in a select either by typing the value or by selecting the table with the list and then selecting the value.

This seems like it should be so straightforward. But I am missing it.
In Bubble you would just change the visibility on click.

Any thoughts?

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Yes this does appear to be a limitation with the select dropdown. I have made an internal note for the team to review this component to see if we can improve on this.


I’ve been experiencing the same issue. It tends to clear after a user logs out but it would be preferred if it were to be cleared.

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