Dropdown sends old input

I have a dropdown menu that’s only supposed to show up sometimes.
Problem: When this dropdown is not appearing, it still fills out the value of that dropdown.

Here’s a screen recording https://vimeo.com/508059438/efb5217fd1

@pford have you had a similar situation by any chance?

Yes it’s unfortunate that Adalo does not yet have a way to reset dropdowns back to empty automatically. One workaround is to add an identical relationship in the user’s record called “Dropdown Reset” and leave it as blank. Then when a user leaves the screen in any way, you can reset the dropdown to the Logged in User’s Dropdown Reset, which is permanently set to empty.


Hiya, is this still the case? I’m currently trying to figure out a way to show ALL categories again once a user chooses another.

Yes this is still the case. The easiest solution is the one I detailed above. Let us know if you have issues or questions regarding that approach!

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Ah bugger, ok I’ll try your workaround. So to be clear something like this?

I’m also testing this for user experience. So any Category containing " ▸ " lists all.

Yes exactly. Just note that it’s the reciprocal field in the Users collection that will need to be reset.

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Thank you! I gave up on Adalo saying they are fixing it…

What is the identical relationship tied with? Any other DB element? I have many DB categories for dropdowns, does it work if I have one for all the dropdowns or I need to create one identical relationship for each dropdown that’s linked to each collection?

Yes exactly - you’ll need to do this for each type of relationship.

thank you so much @pford
Last one (hopefully): identical relationship = many-to-many ?

No problem. It should be whatever relationship type you are resetting in the users record.

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