How to reset File Picker?

How to have it reset after an action? Tried PWA and native app, not working.

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You mean like this right?

When you add the file picker and when the record is created then the file picker is coming empty.

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YES! How do you do that? I notice after a file is chosen, it is actually being uploaded to AWS.

After uploading saving in AWS and still the same file is displayed?

yes. hence wanting to have the picker reset and be ready for a subsequent file without needing the user hit “remove”.

I just added a file picker and a button. And added a create action to the button create video and fill the file property from Other components > File Picker and when I upload the video and click the button saving in the Database and file picker coming empty

Interesting. On my app, after a file is selected using file picker, I copy the AWS’s URL and send it to a custom action, without saving the file into DB.

Sorry I have no experience using AWS.

After uploading and clicking the button and the Custom action is happening?

Now it is resetting. Must trigger “save file” in order to have file picker reset.


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Yeah Now I checked. If your file is not saved then that file is displaying there

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