Empty the File Picker component

I have a File Picker in a form. After the form is submitted a user will go back to the form to add another, but the previous file is still visible. Is there a way to empty the file picker after form submission?

Hi Ron,

Are you experiencing this in PWA and previewer? In native apps this shouldn’t happen.

It is happening in the previewer, PWA and when the mobile app is shared with users. Have not built a published version yet.

Yeah, that happens because their browser is caching the files, in native apps, this won’t happen because it’s not a browser. I think @Erik is pretty good at this topic. :slight_smile:

I’d send a build to testflight to test it, but pretty sure that won’t happen in production.

Note: for input fields I’ve heard about them not resetting in production for some ppl, so there could’ve been a code change.

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This happens in my native app. From the app that I downloaded after posting it on the store.

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