How to search for specific items in database?

Lets say I want to populate a list with items for a specific location. How would I pull that up using a zip code or address?

What you want is to create a database of locations, and then create a relationship between the location and the items - (location can have multiple items an item can have one location type of relationship).

You can then use a dropdown list of your locations to display the list items from each location. Similar to having a list of categories, and using the category to display Items from that category.

Other way of doing it, display all items, have an input field and allow user to type in an address or a location zip code to filter the list of items as the user decides to search them.

I am using the restaurant online ordering template and it has a delivery address option for the user already. How could I use the zip code from the delivery address to find stores in the user’s area? Would I have to delete the delivery address property and just use the location database during the user’s sign up process?

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I was thinking you tag the items with a location using a relationship.

so really, you would be able to map the items to that location…

However, if you are thinking of a radius or google map type of thing… you are best investing on google maps and its tools.

If you are displaying it as a list and the user is selecting the location, you display the items that corresponds to the users selected location. (if you have an address, do not worry, just make sure you can retain the location or zip code and use it as your reference to knowing what to display.)