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Hi, do we have a way to use a drop down in a form yet to select from existing items in the database?

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You need to make a separate collection in the database and then associate it with the desired collection, and then in the form select that new collection with drop-down list.

Sorry can you break that down a bit more.

I have these collections:

Sites linked to Locations

I want to create a new Site, and be able to select a Location from the Locations Collection when adding a new Site

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As far as I understand from your screen, this is a form for adding a new site. So the collection with the location should be separate, and be tied to the table with all sites like this: site = 1 location, location = many sites. Then in the adding table you add the location field and it will already be a drop-down list.

If the list is dropdown then it is visible immediately when you add it to the form.


They are linked together.

When I create the form to add a new site, it only shows a text input field for Locations, not a drop down (as shown in my image above).

How sites look in the DB

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Make a screenshot of the entire table with sites

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If you have a relationship between collection Dive Site and Location of Site like this “one to many”. So somewhere you are making a mistake. We have to look.

Check relationships between tables

Relationship is there, you can see the links in the picture I posted above.

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If you want, discard the login data, I’ll take a look, and then you change the password, or we can make a session through the teamviewer

In this case I would suggest not to use built-in form, but make a custom one. I’ve just tested the form with 1:many relationship - it didn’t display the dropdown as well.

@TonyD you could just add the separate input fields for Name & MapLink, and add the Dropdown for Location. For the dropdown you set MenuOptions as a Locations collection.
And finally you create a button, and add an Action of creating new Site (or editing existing one).

I tried to make it using just components, but the create action doesn’t have an option to use the dropdown as part of the save/create in the create options.

Hi @TonyD,

That’s really strange. Seems it was a glitch / bug, which is fixed now.
Yesterday the form didn’t allow me to have dropdown (I remember it for sure), now it works fine.

And also it is possible to add an action to the button - the hint is that you need to choose the name of the select dropdown.

Please see the short video I’ve made.

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