How to select part of a text to copy / p please? Webapp

Why is it not possible to select a part of text in webApp please?
Anyone as a solution?
Really need to select part of the text that user want and not all the text.

Thank you a lot for your help

Set the text as “Copyable” under Edit Styles.

Hi Erik

I enabled that but not copying

Thank you

Sorry, didn’t read that properly. It won’t work on web apps - it’s a native mobile feature.

If you need users to copy a certain piece of text (like a code or number), put it in a copy text component (I think complab or nocode monkey has one).

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Ah Ok Erick. That’s why it’s not copying :neutral_face: Yeah @Michael created a component for this.

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera and @Fafa,

It seems @Erik mentioned it already (thanks for that by the way)…

We have a clipboard component at NoCode Monkey that might help if you are interested.
Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about it.


I would love to let the user copy any part of the text he wants as I mentioned it. Do you have an idea why we can’t do it? It’s weird that we need to add a pay option just for that and even this option is not what we are looking for. It will be horrible/impossible to add a copy button to each word / sentence

You can request that as a feature here:


ok thank you @Erik I do it now, please vote for it

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