How to send a LIST of selected items per Email?

I have a Custom Action that sends emails for user appointments.
It was easy to set up the date, the hour, the location but it is not clear for me how to send a list of data (services) selected by the user for the appointment.
Inside of the app I create a list of Selected Services for Current Appointment…
Does anyone have a solution? Advise?
Thank you!

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Hello, again.
Could someone offer an workaround or an idea about this?
Thank you!

Hi @ionutilie ,
Where are these selected services stored? In same collection as the date, hour, location?
Can you provide more details of how you made the setup? Thx.

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Hi @ionutilie

This is an issue everyone has, you can’t send a list, only fields. Two works around for this:

  1. use integromat/parabola/zapier etc to workout a solution.
  2. Have a text field “Services” and when the user selects services, add those to the text field like “Service 1, Service 2”. Then just send the text field.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your reply @JL_LJ .

I have a DB for Appointments (that includes date, hour, location) and a DB with Services (1200 items).
As a user make an appointment it creates a new item in Appointments DB and associate with it the selected Services. So, inside the app is very easy to show it as a relation with the user.

I want to avoid Zapier or Integromat as I am using Sendinblue as I want to send instant customized emails.

Thank you!

Thank you for your reply @Erik (and for your tutorials!).
As I mention it to @JL_LJ - I want to avoid Zapier or Integromat as I am using Sendinblue as I want to send instant customized emails. And it would be ok to keep it like this as I want to use this scenario for many other apps.

The idea with text fields sound great but I don’t get how to integrate it.
So, let’s say I create 10 fields, but HOW do I send each Current Service to a specific field?

Thank you!

Hi @ionutilie @Erik @JL_LJ

As I see this question is asked quite frequently, I’ve decided to make a Proof-of-concept for this :slight_smile:

It’s not a final solution, but could give you a path to move forward.

In your case, you can consolidate the string right before putting it into your email body.

Implementing the logic in Adalo alone could be doable, but it is difficult. The major challenge will be to delete the values from the resulting string, when user decides to de-select something.

Best regards, Victor.


Thank you @Victor.
It is clear that this a real functional way.
I am not sure if I will be able to implement it.
Why are you mentioning that it may not work with big list of items? You mean that will not work if the list contains many items or if there are too many orders per day…?

Thank you!

Hi @ionutilie,

Reg. big list of items, here is the thing: on the 2nd step Adalo connection does “Get All” (list all items in the collection). I’ve put a limit to 1000 records, one can even put 10000 or more - but there might be an issue on Adalo side. Usually APIs have limits on the number of records returned, and I’m not sure, whether Adalo collections API has such limits, and if yes, what are they. Also you can imagine that returning 10000 records will take quite a bit of time, as well as parsing them in Integromat (although it is done via filter, fortunately).

So in production I envision using some proxy table in Adalo or Airtable for this purpose, to store the records temporarily and then delete them when everything is finished. But setting up everything, in Adalo app and Integromat, with all stability tests, “corner cases” and exceptions’ logic is a bit beyond this POC :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you @Victor !
I understand it!

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Hi @ionutilie ,
One important question, you just want to add the services in the email when user is making the appointment correct? Are you using it also for reminders? Or to glue all info together (Appointment details + Services)?

Thank you for your reply @JL_LJ !
At this moment I need only to send the selected Services per email.
But to create also a reminder it would be over-amazing

I hope it make sens.


  1. I need to glue the Appointments with the Services
  2. I want to remind somehow to the user about the Appointment date and hour with a day before or in the same day (not only to email the confirmed order)

That makes sense, I assume also these 1200 Services are in total and not allocated to one specific “Business”?

If we are talking that a user chooses in general Max 5 Services, there is a workaround for this, if they choose a lot, then it is not sustainable my approach. I will try to make a sample of it.

My approach does not use Integromat. Just Adalo and any email provider. At least from POC in the top of my head :smiley:

Yes, you are right @JL_LJ .
It is not usual for an user to pic more than 5-6 services.
And how it is your workaround? Would you like to share it?
Thank you.

I am making a template, will share soon :slight_smile: .

AMAZING! Thank you @JL_LJ !

Hi, @JL_LJ.
I need to take some decisions as my app should be ready and I would like to know if you can estimate a time framework for this template.
Thank you!

Hi @ionutilie ,
No worries, I will share today, was just really busy this weekend. Cheers.

Thank you @JL_LJ !
I tried not to put pressure on you, but I just didn’t know how to formulate my situation. :roll_eyes:

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Hi @ionutilie ,
My recorder framed the video very weird, so let me know if all clear and visible.

Here is the video Services in Email1.mp4.

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