How to share link account?

how to share link account?

my site has a user profile how can he share it with others by sending his account link?
you know ?

for the last 4 of my posts 0 responses, are you dying?


Hey @TonyS

To share user’s link you need to use deep linking, which can be found JN Components.

Regarding what you said about 0/4 of your last posts doesn’t get any answer or reply:
We are more than happy to help you and reply to your questions, but during the weekend Adalo’s team is out, same applies for many expert/community leader, I also don’t recommend always posting and asking for help for any issue you face, some of them might have previous answers.

thanks for the answer , i looked at this deep link please tell me it only works if you make a copy of the page ? and how can it be installed in my adalo?

As for my earlier posts, they were on weekdays, my rate is a professional, do you know how I can contact support?

The deep linking works anyhow like you want, the same process as PF if you have used before and there is a youtube video for it.

more info on this deep link solution

I didn’t understand anything, tell me, can I make separate links for: in my application there are many ads and all ads are different with different users, how can they share with friends? Can I set links by their nickname?

Yes you sure can do that using deep linking, you can create url (links) for example:,

It works the in a similar process as shown in the video, in the video it is about components, meanwhile you want ads/ profile.

sounds great and very necessary, but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, now it’s my night, I’ll look again tomorrow

hello, I’m trying to figure out how you can get url links of your component, how does it work? do I set up each link myself or can I leave it on the screen by adding the necessary parameters to change the yurl through the magic text? please explain how it works, can you send an example site?

You can add in the user’s profile button saying: generate url, this url can then be stored in the db somewhere

is it generated randomly or can i set a parameter? How it’s done? saving the url is not a problem, do you have an example where you can see how it works?

The component has two options:

Either randomly
Or you assign your unique ids

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