How do I use DEEP LINKS?

Hi, I recently found this very particular and useful component called Deep link, but I can’t understand how it works: I found tutorials and also several discussions that talked about it, but nowhere has we got into the concrete of how it really works .

I understand that you can set the first two parameters as you like, keeping them constant across all screens. The last parameter is the fundamental one that will allow you to identify the specific screen.

What I am asking now is: what should be done now?

There is no key to press, much less any particular action to set. looking on the internet for the url that is created, everything gives me an error that that link does not exist.

What should I do? can someone give me more explanations? Thanks in advance

@TKOTC can you help me?

Hello, my best way to do deep linking is in this video : Better Deep Linking - YouTube

did you succeed, does it work? can you give me an explanation?

Unfortunately this way doesn’t work anymore. It’s not supported anymore by Pragmaflow and this component needs some adjustments, but yes deep linking is possible in adalo using custom component and i’ve done it

can you tell me how? please

I’ll be posting a post soon regarding the deep linking component that i built

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perfect, can you notify me when you publish it?

This is something which was posted a couple of week’s ago regarding deep linking (I’ll try and dig up the original post)
It was initially flagged, but was given the all clear by the admins, so I’m reasonably sure it’s not a scam.
I’ve not yet had a look, just haven’t had time…but it could be worth considering

yes, as you advised me I tried it, they gave me a pdf explaining how it works. In the tutorial they explain that it is necessary to use two tools, the deep link and x, but although I have followed the tutorial, everything does not work. I tried to write to him privately, but I haven’t received a reply yet

sorry, deep link and arbitrary javascript

I’ll be posting a tutorial video with the component itself tomorrow (Saturday).

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perfect, let us know

@Marino :point_down: :tada:

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