How to show and manipulate BOTH types of data in a single list?

Maybe I’m asking for the impossible here. In an educational app I want teachers to be able to select from a list of pre-established Language Targets as well as add their own Custom Language Targets. If I filter for ALL Language Targets then users can see the pre-existing Language Targets [MAGENTA] as well as the Custom Language Targets devised by everyone who has ever used the app.

When I filter for Logged in User, of course, only the Custom Language Targets of the current Logged in User:

Is there a way to display both Logged in User Targets and pre-existing Language Targets but not those of other former users?

Also, is there a way to allow the current Logged in User to delete their own custom targets but not the pre-existing ones since that would affect all users?

One workaround that I thought might work would be to somehow populate a different database with the pre-existing Language Targets on initial sign-up, then allow the Logged in User to add, edit and delete this parallel data, which would protect the integrity of the
pre-existing Language Targets.

  1. First of all, is that even possible?
  2. If possible, is it a best practice? It seems like it could create a heavy load on the database at initial log in. There are about 15 pre-existing Language Targets.
  3. Finally, are there other, more effective, ways to achieve this?

No answers for 1 & 2.

  1. If this is a new app product that you plan on making money from, have you entertained the idea of testing your app before wasting time building… Can you test and learn (get feedback) with one or two languages?

Focusing on the fewest number of features & testing will help you make a better product, with fewer rebuilds, and save time

(maybe you knew this, or tested already, maybe you really do need lots of languages…I don’t know. I’m just saying, it might be worth it to consider shipping / testing with fewer languages, or any extra features for that matter)

Guess you misunderstood my question @Toddy. This has nothing to do with multiple languages.

My comment was about building efficiently to achieve product / market fit, so may have a successful app. Not multiple languages. Yes, I misunderstood you. Pardon me.

Definitely good advice, just not applicable here.

I think I’ll just use two lists, one editable for Logged in User and one not, for all users since this seems beyond the capabilities of Adalo, or at least me.

Hope I understood this correctly! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

Bang on @dilon_perera. You are a god! I’ll try to post an explanation once I understand it fully in case the clone link disappears. This is really useful stuff.

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