Flexible custom filtering to show specific data

Hello! Adalo Nation.
I have a list that shows users who share common interests with the logged in user.
Is there a way to filter the list so that it shows only users that share a stipulated number of interests as the logged in user?

Please anybody help. Thank you

Hey Kani, you would have to create the interest as a category first. secondly, create a list that displays all users. thirdly, filter the list based on the category of the logged-in user.

Thanks Paul for your response. Actually the Interest is a collection which users can swipe to indicate their interests. for every right swipe, the current interest is updated with the logged in user on a property tagged “swiped users.” The list then displays the users from the swiped users property.
So please i would appreciate your explanation on how the user category would apply her to fetch only users based on a stipulated number of shared interests with the logged in user

So the idea is when we have for instance 5 interests in the collection… Soccer, Rugby, Netflix, Travel and Cooking

And we have 3 Users
‘User A’ swiped right on Rugby, Netflix and Travel
User B swiped right on Netflix and Soccer
User C swiped right on Netflix

Logged in user swipes right on Rugby, Netflix and Cooking

The current filter set up we have now, basically shows User A,B and C as they all share at least one interest (Netflix) with the logged in user

So I want to filter the list to show the User based on the number of interests shared with the logged in user (say we put the figure at 2 interests),
Only User A should pop up on the list as it shares 2 interests (Rugby and Netflix) with the logged in user, which tallies with the filter instruction.

I hope I get help with this. I’m open to sharing the cloneable app for scrutiny and help.

Hey @kaniwriter is this the same one we were discussing in a previous thread?

If so, I may have a solution for you.

Yes it is @Flawless

Cloneable link so I can show you?

Hi @Flawless here is the clonable app


Hi @kaniwriter I’m really interested in using this cloneable version as the basis for a web-based skill swapping service (matching authors with particular skills (eg proofreading) with others who need those skills). I don’t want to use a swipe card, rather maybe a tick box to indicate the skills a user is looking for, and the skills they have on offer to exchange. I can’t seem to get past the swipe tool on your clone, and I can’t find the tool in my own version of Adalo, nor in the marketplace. Any assistance would be very welcome. Many thanks, Gideon

Hi Gideon, you can fetch the swipe deck tool from pragmaflow website.
On my clone, at the end of the all swiped cards, it’s linked to a list.
I think the setup can work for what your concept. I’m certain the Adalo experts on here can assist with the issue you’re facing.

Here’s the video explainer: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Cloneable: Bondbae Clone

Hey @gideonburrows

You can install Pramgaflow’s deck swiper here: PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit

Thanks @Flawless for your help. I’m guessing we can still apply custom filter to show only users with a specific match number?

Absolutely. Just add the filter where Score ID is > greater than (insert number of your choosing)

@Flawless Thank you for your help🙏

Hi @Flawless I linked the timer countdown to a simple list but there’s no option to have current user photo to display like you had on your custom list. Please how do I solve this? I want to display the logged in user matches on a different type of list.

Is the timer’s primary function to remove old matches & update new matches?

Is there a logical reason for setting the timer to countdown from 3 seconds?

How many timer’s do we have on each screen?

I appreciate your help.:pray:

The “Matches” list is a custom list with a nested custom list with a filter. Really look at that cloneable version carefully. Why would you want to use another type of list other than a custom list?

Yes. 2 seconds or less doesn’t always work.

2 each. 1 within a list and 1 not in a list.

Again, watch the video carefully. Look at that cloneable carefully.

I want to use something like the image slider where I can have large photos.

Same exact thing. So then nest the user list that you want to use within a custom list of matches. Just like I did in the video/cloneable.

Add your list to the screen that you want to use. Set this list to “users > all users” (we’ll come back to this). Click the menu button on the top of the list settings and click make a list. Set THIS new list to “Matches > Logged in user matches”

Now double click the list to go back into the user list and set that to “Users > Current Match > Matched Users” with a custom filter where email is not equal to logged-in user email. (Because you don’t want to match with yourself). Set the maximum number of items to 1.

After that, you can add the parameters to the list, like the “Current User > photo” or “Current user > name” etc.

Thank you @Flawless for your detailed explanation. I appreciate your help🙏

Hi @Flawless, I noticed that the second screen with the countdown timer takes much more longer to update the matched user list and this happens as the number of users in the database increased. Does the time increase with the number of users in the database?

Currently, I get a pop up that the action cannot be completed and it stays on the countdown timer screen with out ever moving to the next screen which displays list of matched users.

Also when I try to signup another test user, I get a pop up saying that the user already exists. I can only login with already existing users but can’t signup new users. Could this issue be related to the countdown problem?

Please I need help with this issue :pray: