One more question about list filtering

Hi! One more question about list filtering:
I have a list of users and I want to display to a logged in user only those users who speak user’s languages (user select one or several languages from a dropdown list).

I have collection of languages that have following relationship to Users collection: Language can have multiple users, user can have multiple language.

I was thinking that I can do it like “Current user > languages — contains — logged in user languages”, but I can’t chose any property from logged in user.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

Yes so the reason for this is that Adalo can’t yet compare many records with many records. It can determine if a bunch of records contains a single item, but not many items within many items. This type of comparison is technically a matrix and is quite complex to do, especially when all of the records are jumbled together in different orders.

You would need to have the user select a single language of theirs first in order to filter properly.

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