How to show nested response data at the bar chart?

We have an external API where fitness data is kept. I want to show the daily data I get from this API to the user with a bar graph. But if the response from the external API contains more than one nested element, Adalo only takes the first element.

For example, I will show the last 4 days of data. The JSON data in the response is as follows.

  "transactions": [
      "walking_distance": "16.0",
      "walking_calories_burnt": "1000.0",
      "walking_step_count": "10000",
      "walking_time": "6.0",
      "day": "1"
      "walking_distance": "8.0",
      "walking_calories_burnt": "500.0",
      "walking_step_count": "5000",
      "walking_time": "3.0",
      "day": "2"

In the first step, I want to read all of these data. Honestly, I don’t know how to show them on the chart afterward. I’ve used “quickchart” before, but in this case, I’ll look into how to use “quickchart”.

This is the graphic I intend to show after solving all this.

Best regards.

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