How to show users, via Many to Many relation


I’m building an app where I’m showing the list of campaigns


I stuck on one thing i.e., On another page, I want to show the list of users name who participated in that particular campaign when someone clicked on the button like view user participated

As you can see in the above screenshot I’m able to see the list of users who participated/requested for the campaigns but I want to show this on the app page (on the list)

Any idea how can I achieve this.

You should be able to add a list of users, and then under the filter change from All Users to Current Campaign > Requested User

Hey, thanks for your reply, but i want to show usernames & emails when I clicked on that campaign

These are campaigns

And when i click on the campaign on the next page i want to show list of users who requested this campaigns.

As you can see there is no option for user email & name (because of many to many relationship), it’s only showing user count. I also tried another relationships but on those relations i’m able to add only one user at a time.

And that’s my database look like for campaigns collections

As you can see how many user requested the particular campaign that list I want to show on app page

Within a campaign screen, to show a list of the users, you will need to use a list component rather than a single text component.

I’m already using list on both screen

In the screenshot in your prior post, the text component doesn’t look to be inside of a list of users, it looks like it’s inside of a list of Campaigns

As you can see in third screenshot when i hover on the requested user, there is count showing. I’m asking if i want to connect/show requested users email & name in list how can i do that. I hope understand my question.

Flow - Backoffice user visits the campaign screen -> Tap on any campaign -> A details page is open where its start showing all the user detail who requested that particular campaign.

Hey @Ben

Here is the summary of what my client wants:

He can able to see all the user details under every campaign he clicked. For example: When he click on campaign > a new screen appears where only requested user details will be shown.

The problem is when i’m creating new screen & link to campaign & trying to show the users details I’m not able to do that coz Many to Many relations as you can see in the video:

Please share any alternative or idea to do this.

Maybe you can match them creating unique id fields.

In your video, I don’t see the mechanism to add a user to a campaign. I do see the “I’m in” button which functions much like a “favorite” in other sites (hope I am correct).


Click on that button and make sure you are doing 2 actions.

  1. update the current campaign with the current logged in user name.
  2. Update the logged in user with the current campaign name.

If you only do one or the other the “magic text” won’t show you the user name / email. You need to connect both campaigns and users together, then the magic text will change.

On your campaign screen (in the video) you show a “campaign KPI” which I assume is where you want your client to be able to see which users joined that campaign.

I changed the “enter text” into a custom list. I changed the following:

  1. List is of users > Current Campaign > Requested.
  2. Changed title. Current Users > Username.
  3. Changed sub title. Current users > Email.
    Make sure that you use current users and NOT logged in user.

I hope I got the overall idea. If you want to see my editor or have any questions, please feel free to ask.

I already set the I’m in button like this

I’m in clicked > update the collection > add logged in user

I’m talking about another thing

ok…I guess I don’t understand what isn’t working.

@ishantanusrivastava The problem is that your editing a single text component on the campaign details screen. Instead you need to make a list component on that screen that is a list of users.

I am struggling with a similar situation here. I am trying to show the list of users that are related to a cost in a many to many relationship. When I create a list of users on the cost detail screen, I do not have the option to filter by current cost > related user. The only options are related to logged in user. I see this in a few other places as well when doing a list of a many to many relationship column.Is there possibly something I should look for in the way I have structured the data that could cause this?

@ishantanusrivastava you may want to check and see if this is fixed for you. I just checked mine and it is now functioning as intended!

Thanks to the Adalo team if you did something!