How to space elements property?

I’ve got a page with text elements and buttons. Here’s what it looks like in the builder:

Here’s what it looks like on my iPhone SE-2:

How can I get:

  1. The CTA button to immediately follow the text?
  2. The vertical space between a button and text below it to be consistent?

@Ben any ideas? Client needs this sorted.

Try adding white (not transparent) rectangles as spacers.

@zach i don’t have any spacers right now. The solution to this issue is to add spacers?

I’m not even sure that’ll work b/c text gets cut off when it bumps up against elements like buttons… presumably that’ll be an issue because any text that abuts a spacer will be cut off.

This is super painful.

Yes, try adding white spacers.

The spacing and responsiveness of adalo is pretty finicky because it’s no code and adalo can only assume how you want it to look. At least in my personal experience. Just keep playing with it until it works.

For the text box, try putting your text box inside a group with a set size/rectangle.

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