How to trigger a bulk create on click? With what additional tool?

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I’m building a “wellness program” feature in my app: when a user subscribes to a program, I’d like all the “tasks” of that program to be added to my events table (and be linked to that user). I’ve understood from other posts that that isn’t possible in Adalo: would it be possible with the Airtable integration or would I necessarily need another tool like Integromat or Zappier (I’m not familiar with either of them)?

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A program lasts two weeks and has 3 tasks per day on average: on a user click, I’d need NdaysNtasksPerDay = 143 so around 50 lines to be added to my “events” table.

This table will have a “date” column that should contain the date the task will be prompted to that user on: if a user signs up to the program February 1st, the tasks for the day 1 of the program should have the date for February 2nd.

The task table has amongst other the columns : program_name, task_day (programs are 2 weeks so between 1 and 14),

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Hi @Jane,

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As for me it is possible to create this in Adalo alone, but it will require quite a lot of manual work. What path would I explore:

  • create a “task templates” collection, with records representing each task to-be-created. No user relations at all. But you need to store the info when the task should be executed (e.g. for first day: 1, for second day: 2, etc.)
  • upon new user onboarding, redirect user to a “task generation” screen
  • on this screen, create a list of all records of “Task templates”. Put a countdown timer on the list. Add an action on countdown finish to create a “User tasks” (in a separate collection), and set up all the days based on current date + task-template info.
  • this “autocreate” action will take around 30 - 60 seconds, but then you’ll have 50 user tasks created.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hi @Victor,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I see how this could work!
Checking if I understand this right: it means the user has to stay on that screen for the 30-60 seconds right?

Do you happen to know if this kind of option is possible with the airtable integration directly? (as it seems some operations can be run on airtable tables that can’t be run on adalo collections!)

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