Is there something similar in adalo as workflows in bubble?

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I’m pretty new to adalo.I would like to achieve the following and I don’t know how to get there:
I have three database tables.
User (normal list of users)
Objectives (a list of objectives)
UserObjectives (a connection table)

Now when a user signs up, I would like to create a new userObjective for every entry that is in the Objectives table. I was working with bubble in the past, and there I could achieve something like this with workflows. In adalo I could not find a way to achieve this. How can I get there?


As far as I understood you want to create new “column” in database, right?

If that is the case I am not sure how to make it by adalo means using create function.

But what is the point? Why not to create all the database first, prepare all necessary data fileds and only after that just “fill” the database. For every new user yu would be able to “fill” the chosen data collection using Create collection action. Just make sure that Collection has relatioship with User first.

Hi @marco1,

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Unfortunately Adalo doesn’t offer such “mass creation” of items out of the box (as far as I understood you’d like to pre-populate UserObjectives for each new user).

There are 2 possible solutions to that.

First one - use countdown timer to create several UserObjectives: display a list of Objectives + timers, and have an operation to create new UserObjective linked to a current Objective and logged-in User.
You can search in the forum by the keyword “countdown” or see the videos in my YouTube channel ( using same keyword; to understand the principle (there is no video which exactly shows what you need).
When using this approach, please keep in mind 2 things: (1) if you revisit this screen, everything will be created again unless you implement some protective measures and (2) this approach is suitable when you have 5-10-15 objectives; countown won’t work properly for more.

Second approach is to use something like Integromat to create the UserObjectives. You will need to send user email using custom action to a webhook in Integromat. In the scenario you will need to (a) get user ID, then (b) list all Objectives and then (c) create new UserObjective using ID from (a) and ID from (b). In theory this should work (I don’t have an opportunity to create a sample scenario now.

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.