Nightly batch processing

Hi Adalo Community, first post here and new to Adalo :smile:

I’ve been researching differences between Adalo and Bubble to help me understand which I should use.

One of the core things I’ll need is to be able to regularly process data and actions without user interaction. For example, If I had a collection with invoices that include a monthly due date and each night I need to run through all the invoices that have come up for renewal, create the next monthly invoice record and sent an email to the customer with the new invoice to pay.

From the research I’ve done so far it looks like I’ll need setup a nightly scenario in something like that uses the Adalo API to look at my data, run through the invoices, create the next invoice record in my Adalo database and send an email to the customer from

Am I understanding the limitation correctly in Adalo and how I would need to get around it if I needed such a process?

Appreciate any advice on how others have handled this type of regular batch processing.

You are understanding correctly, would be a common method to do this.

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I just hooked up part of my app into Airtable. Airtable has automations you can run based on any time a table is updated or time based, lots of options.

For example I created a table in Airtable that I add a user to when someone registers, it sends them a welcome email from an Airtable automation, adds a reward badge in the app for joining. I probably won’t have as many features as make but I’m trying to not be dependent on so many SAAS services :sweat_smile:

I did the same for another process whenever someone creates a new record, it adds a row to an Airtable and an automation kicks in giving them rewards based on how many tasks they achieved.

Excellent, thank you. I’ll have a closer look at Airtable.

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