Need help with automation

Hi, Adalo Community

I have already designed and created a simple application with no more than 16 screens in Adalo. What’s still missing is the functional link to a Google Spreadsheet. I need the following automation (e.g. using Zapier / Integromat /…?):

Certain application users can add records to the “Activities” database (this already works). 1) Whenever a new record is created this way, a new row must be automatically added to a Google Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should then calculate specific metrics using formulas (which I have already defined). 2) Whenever a new row is added to the spreadsheet and metrics are recalculated, the records in another Adalo database, “Customer”, need to be updated with these data.

I guess I could figure out how this works, but at the moment, I simply don’t have the time and unfortunately, I’m in quite a hurry with this project.

I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:
Thank you

Welcome to the community @Clemens

When a record is added to the activities, you can add a “Custom Action” with a post request to the Google Sheet API
Custom Actions: Accessing your Record ID - Adalo Resources
API Documentation for Google Sheets: Method: spreadsheets.create  |  Google Sheets  |  Google Developers

Hi Clemens,
Happy to implement this automation for you. I have done something similar for one of my clients and can assure you this can be done in a couple of hours.

let me know! if you still looking for someone to get this done.
Feel free to reach out
Sahira Mehta