How to unlock and delete user property in our database collection?


Can anybody teach me how to unlock any of these user properties in database collection?
I don’t need email column in my database table hence I want to delete it permanently.

@hairi.halib welcome to the community.

Email & password are the mandatory fields in users collection. You can’t delete them.

Thank you Bhanu.

It seem like I have to configure it with any other 3rd party database.

Best Regards,
Hairi Halib

Not sure what you’re trying to achieve here.

If you don’t want to use user logins for your app, it’s perfectly fine. Just ignore the users connection and create a new collection for your use.

But if you want users to login to Adalo, you’ll have to use email whether it’s internal or external collections.

Hi Bhanu,

Thanks for the explanation.
I actually try to remove email from the properties and leave it to username and password only.
But since it couldn’t be deleted, I have to do some rearrangement to my apps.

Best Regards,
Hairi Halib