Can't delete a field in a collection

Hi, I need to delete a field in a collection, but somehow it’s become locked and I can’t delete it…
Anyone have any ideas how to unlock it so I can delete it?

This means there is existing data in your collection. If you have a record in your collection that is populated with that field then it will not allow you to delete it.

You can go through your records and remove the content of the field, of course this is only viable if you don’t have many records. If you have LOTS of records with this field populated then you could download the data as csv, sort it in excel, delete the field contents quite quickly and then upload the records again.

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Also the 4 fields that Adalo provides to the user collection cannot be deleted (Email, Full Name, Password, and Username). I think Adalo needs these in order for the login/signup functions to work even if you don’t use them.


There’s no data in the field, but as @pfordmedia mentioned it must be that it’s one of the 4 fields Adalo provide…
It’s not a huge problem, I was simply trying to tidy the collection up :slight_smile:

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