How to update a user type in databse

Hi, I am building a coaching app with 2 types of user: customers, and coaches. I know I can set up 2 true/false properties in the database.

However, I want to verify anyone trying to register as a coach. Which means they need to fill out some info, then we review it to approve or deny the request. Is there any way to update the true/false property in database when we approve the request?

Can anyone help me out :face_with_monocle:

@armorofgod There are different ways to update a property (field) of a user record, using forms, Buttons. I suggest you have a look into the Getting started videos

Hey there, the idea is still quite raw, but this might help.

For admins to verify coaches, you can create a screen only accessible for admins. To achieve this, you can use another true/false field for “admin rights”.

On the admin screen, you can place a custom list of users, filter them by users who have filled out the coach application form.

Add a switch to the custom list’s group of components, allow that switch to update the user collection data. If true, verify them. If false, unverify them.

Hope this helps!

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That’s pretty helpful. I’m gonna give it a shot to see if it works out. Thanks!

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