How to upload videos in adalo using pylr component

hey how to upload mp4 files in pylr component

Not too sure what you mean by “Uploading” files in the plyr component… I didn’t think you could upload files in the player itself!

The what I have done… is use the File Uploader component to save uploaded files to Adalo. With the File Uploader you can get the url where the file is stored… I then use this “URL” as the source for the video in the player, pls see attached - hope this helps.

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Hello @dasuksta
Ok then how to create that current vendor file
I do not have this option and i am new on adalo.

Vendor is just the way I am at storing things, think of it as current user :+1:

Setup a collection called something like Files, and in here save videos that are uploaded via the File Uploader component, make a relationship to your users collection.

Then you can use the file URL as the source for the player.

hmmm how to do that can you show me from video

You may find it beneficial to follow the getting started videos in our help docs:

@ELYTRA sorry couldn’t get back to you sooner, I have made a video explaining how I am handling this at:

Hope it helps solve your issue :slight_smile: :+1:

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