User videos playback (Like instagram etc) maybe XANO? (Onlyfans clone)

I would like some of my users to upload videos that are held behind their own subscription paywall however I have no knowledge of how users can upload and allow other users to watch these videos. ( A good comparison for my app would be onlyfans)

I have heard and seen some of the possibilities with XANO but do not want to created a whole new user database. Is it possible to link my existing adalo users with videos uploaded to Xano?

(Sorry if this is unclear , if you have any questions I will try my best to clarify!)

You can have the videos hosted on the Adalo database.

However, a popular alternative is Amazon S3.

Thanks for reply @theadaloguy ! Big fan of your videos btw!

I have literally just watched that tutorial but I was wondering if there was a simpler alternative how are videos hosted on the Adalo database? I have it so users can upload a file ( via file picker) but how can allow the PLYR video to utilise this file? I have had look and not really found any other tutorials regarding this.

P.S Just to pick your brains, do you think a app similar to Onlyfans is possible in Adalo right now?

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Right now you’d use file picker, save to Adalo database then use something like integromat to download the file from the URL​ to send it to amazon s3 and return the url path of the file. A bit of a pain. Another issue is you generally can’t upload large files with file picker (I never managed more than 30mb).

It’s something im trying to solve with the Adalify service I launched recently. There is a file upload feature and it is hosted by Adalify. However we are working on it so you can upload directly to your s3, but that’s not ready just yet.

I didn’t use onlyfans before but I gather its subscription based access to videos - this seems entirely possible with Adalo.

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