How to use third party API call?

How can I create a API call to a service like numverify and parse the response to see if the number I sent is valid immediately?

I can’t find any documentation on this entire process. I plan to make the call happen when the user presses the signup button.

Similar situation, I had to use Integromat to accomplish this.

I have 2 collections: Users and Websites with a one-to-many relationship. A user can have multiple websites but a website belongs to 1 user.

When the user first signs up, one of the fields is “website URL”. When the button is clicked, it goes to a webview page with a webhook (in integromat) that sends the website URL, and logged-in user’s email address.

The URL is sent to “HTML/CSS to Image” integration where it grabs the screenshot of the user. The image URL is then set in the website image text parameter through an update API call back into adalo.

You won’t need a second collection but the process is similar. Make the API call happen with a webhook and then update the user record with the response.

You can set a 2 true/false parameters on the user collection. One called “Valid” and one called “Error”. If the response code kicks back as valid, then set a component that continues to the next screen. If it kicks back an error, you can mark the error parameter for the logged-in user as true. Then set a component to be visible that has the error message.

Thank you so much for showing me this. Is there a way to do it without integromat? Because that is based on time intervals like 1 minute is the shortest.

Is there a way to do it direct through a button press in adalo?