How to view 1 record at a time + add navigation buttons

Would like to be able to view the 1st record in a database then add a button to view [next] or [previous] record.

In that case you can make a property called ID in your collection which will be contain row ID which will be show at very first time. Then you can add 2 buttons for next or previous when they will clicked add /decrease the ID. Hope this will work.

Life is more easier with Adalo :innocent:

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Thanks. Created the property ID [Number]. Not sure how to “filter” to show only first ID and connect button.

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I would suggest creating a ‘custom list’, and limit it to maximum one item. Filter options are available for the list.

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@Ben [Add Action] - Only allows to [Link], [Create], [Update], [Delete], [Notifications], More…
No [Next ID] or [Precious ID] available.

@Ben Does Adalo have a video for this type of request?

Thanks for the feature suggestion you can add it to The suggestion for the custom list is the method to try.

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Hey Ashley, sorry didn’t think I was requesting a feature - I was just trying to figure out how to go from a filtered record in a custom list to go to the next and then to the previous record…

Here is my solution for displaying next and back buttons for lists filtered by category.
The hidden input is not needed.

The same list sorted in ascending order by the ID field is used as the “next” button.
Items with IDs greater than the current item are displayed.

The same list sorted in descending order by the ID field is used as a “back” button.
Items with ID less than the current item are displayed.

View demo: