How to work with NON-logged-in users

Hi all,

I’m running into some issues with working with non-logged-in users. And I’m sure more will soon now that web-apps are fully supported.

I don’t want my users to start with a welcome screen, but with a fully functional homescreen. Only if they take actions that NEED a user-account will I prompt them to log in.

I have an issue now.
It is a limitation of the range-slider-component. You can’t take it’s value directly, as you would with a input field, but you have to link it to an existing database record. Was always a bit clunky… But if you are working with non-logged-in users it becomes unusable.

Does anyone have a (non-too-weird/complex) workaround at this moment in time?

Cheers, Steven

Hi Steven, you can use a temporary collection, so when they click into the app it creates a new record, and that record can be used for the slider functionality. Like a guest user.

Thanks Nathan,

That might do the trick, but how do you know how to refer to the right record (‘user’) throughout the app? You need a connection to the session, not?

Well you can still store that slider value in an input field later, if you don’t want to maintain the guest user functionality. Or you can have the guest login as a button before the home screen, so the data should always persist beyond that.

Also you can store the ID of that guest user in an input field. So if you want them to maintain that guest session on the next visit, have a list of guest users filtered by ID, then they should enter with the correct one again.

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