Can i embed a slider functionality into a text input?

I would like to create a journal based on this excellent video

However, i’d like more functionality then just a text input.

I’d like to use sliders to give a score (got the sliders, know how they work)

and then save everything as a journal entry.

Problem is : since my sliders are on a screen, i can’t save them as an entry.

Can i merge components? i.e. can i have a big text input which contains some text and some sliders?

Or do i just need to create a “profile” type screen?


  • Ghislain

Hi Ghislain,

You can create temp variables in the Users collection if you are using them and add them on the Slider!

See this post by Victor :

I think you can’t set a input to the Slider. It needs a property.

The other way is to Create the record in that collection before going to the screen that Slider has and add the Update action on the button in that screen. And a delete action on the back button.

Thank you

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Hi @dilon_perera

Thanks for the reply.

I agree with you, text input doesn’t have a property, so i can’t embed something with another property.

I am going to go the profile route (or at least a variation thereof)


  • Ghislain
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I am going to go the profile route (or at least a variation thereof)

Just to clarify : To add properties from the Users collection a Profile screen is not required! If you have a Signup screen to sign-up the user for the app then the slider will change that user’s property if there is a Profile screen or not!

i know but the idea i have in mind is that a logged in user can create a profile for “something” he likes and then recall it later on

i’ll give it a go, he who dares wins

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