Problem with Slider tool

Hello. Maybe someone here will help to deal with the slider. I want to put an age selection on it, but when I add it to the screen, it’s impossible to connect it to anything. What action must be performed so that it can be associated with this collection?

Howdy @paulman

The slider component requires a parameter to update. You can simply add a number parameter to your user collection, rename it to “Age Slider Value”, and then use that parameter for the slider’s “What property does this adjust” field (Logged-in User > Age Slider Value).

You can then use that same “Age Slider Value” parameter as a filter for your list.

Sliding the slider will modify the user’s value, which in turn will modify the list’s filter.

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I added the slider to alterte a parameter in a different collection can’t do that why is the slider function fixed to the user collection?

Do you have the “Current” record data on the screen you’re trying to adjust the slider’s value with?

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