I am trying to either; add a new password property or only allow paid subscribers to view a certain page

i am building an app where there is me (admin), general customer users (users), restaurant owners (vendors), and basically i either need the vendor database collection to have its own sign up form with its own password and email property directly connected to its own database ( i cannot find a password / email property i can add thats just like the one in the user database collection) or i need to connect stripe subscription payments to the user sign up form and somehow exclude the vendor user sign up as i do not want the vendors to pay for a subscription as they will be sellers on the app,
another way i was thinking is that both general users and vendors sign up at the same sign up form and then somehow integrate the stripe subscription payments inside the app, but i only want paid subscribers to see certain pages that non paying users can not see, would really appreciate any help! thanks!

oh and also is there a way the paying subscribers can only see a certain page once a day once they have clicked on it? and one last thing… is there a way to filter by city? or a location property i can add to a restaurant database collection, thanks!!

Hi @con ,
I built a directory in the following way:

User collection:
A Boolean field (True/False) to identify if it is Business User or Customer Called “Business User”
In the Initial screen 2 buttons: “Are you a business”, “Are you a customer”, if a customer it goes to a sign-up form, where they have the Stripe, after sign-up, the user collection creates the user as “FALSE” in the “Business User” field, and also another boolean field to add as “Active” if the Stripe payment was successful = “TRUE”, “FALSE” if payment was not successful or they stop paying at some point.

For the business, it is then just a regular sign-up form where, after it will be “Business User” = “True” and “Active” = Yes.

Then you can set a rule in the action “When User visits screen” if “Active” = False and “Business User” = “FALSE”, meaning that subscription is not active, then you link to a 404 Error page or a funnel page when you can ask to subscribe for a small fee.

If you want to add then the complexity of once per day. There are a quick way of doing this:
You have a hidden input field with the page name, and you create a collection “Views” with page name and viewed date (This is the timestamp of when user gets into the page).
When user enters the page, it creates a record in the Collection indicating the page name and the date of the visit, then you create an action (User visits page) to compare the page name and the current date, if the record (from View collection) = hidden input field (the name of the page) and the viewed date = today, then you forward the user to another screen, if not, the user can just stay and view the page.

Let me know if something is not clear :slight_smile: .

Have fun Adaloing :slight_smile:

PS: For the Restaurants and cities @dilon_perera was quicker on the answer trigger, so the answer is there :smiley: .

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Hi @con,

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I think you don’t need another Database for Vendors to Signup! You can use the Users collection!

Oh you are trying to make another Database for Vendors because of the Payment screen. You can have a true/false property on the Users collection like Vendor? and add that to the form and make that as not required. Then add another blank screen like Loading and add two screen actions for that screen :

  1. Link to the Payment screen and make it as conditional only happens when the Logged in user>Vendor>is false.

  2. Link to the Home screen and make it as conditional only happens when the Logged in user>Vendor>is true.

And you can add a Lottie file or a image to make the UI nice!

You can create a another true/false property like Paid? to know if that user is a paid subscriber or a free subscriber.

And then make the actions conditional ( like only happen when Logged in user>Paid?>is true) that goes to the screens that paid subscribers have access. If it is a component you can add a visibility condition like visible if Logged in user>Paid?>is true.

For this @JL_LJ has answered! And adding a post from Victor that also help you!

You could have a collection for cities and add a relationship to the restaurants collection and you can add a drop down that connected to the cities collection and filter the restaurants collection by that drop down.

It’s on the way!

Thank you

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okay great thanks for the replies, i will get to it and let you know how it goes!


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