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I’m creating an online marketplace for vendors, they can choose a plan to subscribe to and sell their goods/services to customers. So I just configured my stripe marketplace component and successfully created a test subscription. I can now see the customer’s email and subscription plan in my stripe dashboard.

The problem I have now is I don’t know if that user gets a stripe ID that I can put in their store’s stripe card payment component. Do my users have to create a new stripe account? I’m not sure what to do.


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Ciao @GeneralJWS,
From what I understand it is necessary to create a flow through Zapier or Integromat…

I am also following this topic, I am interested in knowing the flow to manage an app subscription through Stripe and its renewal.

Add an external collection of Stripe Customers.

Add a countdown timer on the screen directly after the payment screen. Make this countdown timer a list of stripe customers with the email query parameter to filter to only the logged-in user’s email. Set the countdown timer action to update the logged-in user with the stripe customer id from the list.

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I’m not sure I understand how this will give them a Stripe ID. Can you explain further? If a merchant doesn’t have an existing stripe account, subscribes to a plan to become a vendor, now they’re a customer on my Stripe Dashboard, but how do they receive a stripe account so that everything they sell goes to their account?

Thanks bro

Ah, yes, for the marketplace component, you need to use the Stripe Connect component to grab the user’s Stripe ID as a vendor. This would be a different stripe ID than the customer stripe id. So if you want to store both, you’ll need 2 text parameters to store 1 for the Vendor Stripe ID (for the marketplace) and Customer Stripe ID (to view the customer’s transactions/orders).

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You’re the best bro, Thanks!

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