I have problem with my navigation tab bar on Android App

Hello, i designed a custom navigation tab on my adalo app, but i doesn’t show correctly on Android App.
All is ok when i test on preview mode and on the web version my phone (iPhone 7).

I used the Adalo native navigation tab bar but i got the same problem on Android App

I need some help please

Hi @nana.manga

Recommendation: when needing assistance, please also detail how you have the elements set up in the Editor.

As of now, we don’t really understand what the issue is because you only shared the outcome, but not how it should look like.

Could you also share how you have the navbar set up in the Editor, and how it’s presented in the Previewer?

Thank you for your recommandation

These are some pictures of how i set up my navigation bar on my Adalo editor

Hi, this was a common issue on Android. If you try the app on a 16:9 phone, it’s ok.
If the proportions are 18:9-19:9 or 21:9, the default nav bar lifts up a bit, even if is properly locked on bottom.
You should create a custom nav bar like I did, larger than bottom of the screen, to solve the lifting bug

Thank you for your answer, i will try it and give a feedback :pray: