I havent yet understand why my domain is not connecting. Please Help

I dont see any new or updated tutorial about this

Im using godaddy sites and I tried to add the linkedonline.live as a CNAME but it doesn’t let me save it. So I replaced it with ‘app’.

Can someone tell me how this will work?

Can you show your full domain setup (Hide the IPs) please. Thanks.

Those are not the correct settings! You are not following the instructions provided.

Clearly, Adalo is telling you to use as Name/@/Host your own domain: linkedonline.live.

And yet in your settings, you have “app”? :man_facepalming:

If you have your domain with GoDaddy, then your Name/@/Host for your CNAME is “@”. And it points to hosting.adalo.com.

Hi @charleshope I found a solution. So in the form where I need to type my site name I typed: ‘linkedonline.site’ where the correct way is to type ‘app.linkedonline.site’. My domain address is linkedonline.site and I didn’t know I should add an app name that can be anything before the domain address plus a ‘.’ after it.

So the correct way is the latter, so now I got my app connected to the link. Thanks so much for answering.

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