Issues connecting domain - any help is greatly appreciated


I have read numerous other posts about this issue and still can’t get it figured out.

I bought a domain ( on and have not been able to get it connected to my Adalo app after trying for a couple of days.

Do any of these screenshots show what I’m doing wrong or can try differently?


Hi @mathew,

You can’t set up CNAME record for the root domain ( alone). This kind of record is not supported by DNS standards and only some providers offer workarounds for that.

What you did in your namecheap console is that you’ve added a CNAME record for the host “” in the domain “”, and this record is pointing to
But the final record you’ve got is “” (host + domain). And it works just fine:

% nslookup

Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =


As I’ve mentioned, you can’t create CNAME records for root domains, but you can create something like “”. To make this work, you need to add a new record, put “app” into the host field, set up everything else as described here Publish to Custom Subdomain - Adalo Resources and everything should work just fine.


Thanks for your response @Victor.

It would super helpful if the settings page would explicitly say you need to enter “www” under “Host”.

The way the instructions read for all of this stuff is not written for a newbie and should all be updated (IMO). I ended up getting a friend who’s experienced professinoal in this stuff to help me out.

Thanks again for your response.

Hi @mathew,

Glad to hear that you’ve managed to make it work.

As for instructions - maybe they could be improved, please don’t hesitate to post a suggestion here:
Community Leaders like myself are not Adalo employees so we can’t do any changes in help content.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks @Victor! That’s good to know and much appreciated.

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