I need help with onboarding old users

I am trying to onboard old users into a free trial program.
I wondering about the best way to do it.
Here’s a video of what I am trying to do.


Hi Paul,

So there are some users that already signup-ed and you are trying to add a new feature called free trial that the already signup-ed users should get?

You could create a true/false property and add a conditional link action that go only if that true/false property > is false. Or you could create a date property add the condition on the action as only when date property > is equal to > empty.

Did I got it correctly?

Thank you


I have a free trial implemented already. Here’s the issue.

new user less than 14 days goes to screen 1
subscribed users go to screen 2
then I have those who joined before I figured out the free trial. ( old users)
how do I move them to the free trial page so that their own 14days trail starts counting.

when the count get up to 14days I will block their access to app features.

Paul, are you hoping to do this without adding any new actions or adding new ones?

If adding a new actions works, it’s fine.

I just want to make it work

Try this ( Not sure if this works. Didn’t checked :no_mouth: Hope I’m correct! ) :

Create a new date property and on the Route screen add a update logged in user action that updates that property with current time and add a condition that Logged in user > created date > is before > 2 weeks ago. And add a link action to the free trial screen and add a condition that Logged in user > date property > is after > 2 weeks ago.