I need help with the following stuff

  1. payment, I need help to setup monthly subscription for my website not app, can you guys guide me step by step.

  2. my users need to upload some documents to the website, is there away that we setup google drive or something so that way their document is saved in their account not in my storage but they can access it through my website. let me know.

  3. my user can create invoice, so can we setup in away that the system automaticlly generate an invoice number for the invoice.

  1. Is your website built on Adalo? Yes? = use stripe, the adalo documentation is good, just dive in.
  2. You want your Adalo user to store records in their google drive? Much easier to get an S3 account and store them there. How many GB are we talking?
  3. Yes, what format does your invoice number have?

If you want step by step on all this then you need some 1-1 help It’s a bit beyond what can be given on the forum.

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